A Few Tips for Coda Users

If you haven’t tried Panic’s Coda, you should! It’s a beautifully designed piece of software that makes coding sites even more fun* than it already is. But, enough with the unrequested publicity. This post is about a few “tricks” that I have picked up from my everyday use of Coda. And, that you may not be aware exist.

Clip Expander Trigger

At the bottom of every clip’s info there is a section that if empty, reads “Click to add tab trigger.” Otherwise, it displays a keyword followed by the word tab. Whenever you wish to use any given clip, simply type the unique keyword and press tab. This will result in the expansion of the clip’s content. To change the keyword, click on the text and replace it with anything that floats your boat.

Switch Between Tabs

If you have ever used your keyboard to switch between tabs on Firefox, you know that command + [tab number] does the trick. However, in Coda this shortcut switches between the different views (i.e. Sites, Edit, etc.). To switch between tabs use command + shift + { or }. This keyboard shortcut works on Safari as well.

For Fun: Slow-Motion Sites

As the title obviously suggests, this trick is just for fun. Under the Sites view, precede the opening of any of your site setups with the pressing and holding of the shift key. Now, watch as your sites slowly turn into view. This trick, more or less, works when opening any file on Mac OSX.

Have some to share?

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* Not taking into consideration the horrors!!! IE6 brings to our lives.