Back In Black ... & Red

It has taken me quite a while but the site is now back online. It is by no means a finished product; however, it is definitely a big step towards getting back to the habit of writing front-end inspired posts.

Why Did It Take So Long?

Well, last year was a pretty significant year for me. I graduated from college in June and almost immediately after moved to Brooklyn to join the ranks of OmniTI as a Web Designer. Needless to say, with the hassle of moving and the new job, my online presence suffered quite a bit; granted, my own lazy nature did not help the cause much.

The following paragraph was added Jan 6, 2009.

The 8-bit Logo

Ever heard of a Famicom? No? Well, I use to own one. I must have been 8 or 9 when I started playing video games and ever since, I have spent countless hours with a controller in my hand. Only two other things attract my interest to the point of sleep deprivation: programming and design. The latter, which has been increasingly influenced by the Swiss Style of design. So, when it was time to design a logo for myself, I thought: what would a Space Invaders poster look like if it was designed circa 1920? And so, the logo was born. Well, it wasn’t that simple, but I will leave the details for a future entry.

No More Redesigns

If there is one thing that has become clear since the 3rd iteration of my site, it’s the need for a long term vision and continuous work on its design. I think too often we stop working on a site upon what we deem as completed. This behavior leads to redesign after redesign after redesign after … you get the idea. But this so called “redesign” focuses solely on the site’s aesthetics and omits the reason people visit our sites, its content.

I recently rediscovered an article by Cameron Moll fittingly titled “Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign,” which I read back in 2005. I remember thinking the article was insightful and promised myself I wouldn’t become the redesign guy. Sadly, I did.

The Broken Link

The path to realignment is definitely a long and arduous one so please don’t panic if something is broken : ) I will be working on cross-browser testing and performance over the next few days. Expect to see a follow-up post with technical details in the near future. For the time being, it feels good to be back.