My Gimme Bar Story

Sometime towards the end of last year I joined the guys of Fictive Kin as a freelancer and began working on Gimme Bar. The app had been in development for a bit and I was immediately intrigued by its potential. The fact that you could collect, organize, discover and share anything you found online with one single app was something I could definitely get on board with… and so, I did.

Brooklyn Beta

We wanted to demo the app during Brooklyn Beta, a conference our very own Fictive Cameron, together with Mr. Shiflett, had decided to put together. Apparently, building web apps wasn’t enough work for these guys. For weeks we worked tirelessly to get an alpha version of Gimme Bar up and running. It was rough but we had something to present. Fortunately for us, the reception from those who attended Brooklyn Beta was positive. We had an alpha version of Gimme Bar and more exciting, our first users.

Early Mistakes

Soon after we released the alpha version of Gimme Bar, our overall goal for the app seemed to lose some focus. Discovery and sharing had become the central points of interest for using Gimme Bar and we were unable to communicate to others, and ourselves, the huge potential of the two missing pieces of the puzzle: collecting and organizing.

Gimme Bar Reloaded

I was on the train on my way back to Baltimore—I had spent a few days in NYC, enjoying great food and having lengthy discussions with Cameron regarding the future of Gimme Bar—when a new design for the app popped into my head. I took out my sketch book and began jotting down my thoughts like a maniac. We had already agreed that discovery had to be removed for the foreseeable future. And, the design had to be more focused on collecting and organizing.

I spent the next few weeks on a solo mission, working on a separate GIT branch. Eventually, Mr. Coates and Sir Evan Haas—the true heroes behind Gimme Bar— joined in. They helped merge my static markup and styles back in to our app. Finally, we were working on the app we had envisioned, something that could only get better, more awesome.

More Awesome

After we announced the redesign, some of our users missed the discovery aspect of Gimme Bar; needless to say, we did too. But like I said, we knew the app could only get better and more awesome. Spoiler alert: We have been working on bringing discovery back in to Gimme Bar. we are on the cusp of releasing some cool new features. Stay in the loop, follow @gimmebar on Twitter and if you haven’t already, sign up for an invite.