The Rebirth of

After many months in the making, long after-work hours, and countless cups of coffee; the new face of is finally finished. This iteration (version 3.0, if you are keeping track) brings with it, numerous changes. Firstly, it no longer makes use of the WordPress platform as its backbone system, but rather a much more lightweight CMS called Frog CMS. Secondly, the Blog portion from the previous iteration has been replaced by a new section titled Articles. Lastly, the focus and therefore structure of the site has changed in order to provide myself with more creative freedom over the layout and content.

Why Frog CMS Over WordPress

In a few words, I realized that my site was not solely a blog. Although, WordPress can be extensively customized and ultimately made to function similarly to any other CMS, it remains a blogging platform. In other words, I did not make the switch to Frog because I need something more (or less) powerful, but because I needed something different.

Blog, No More

Truth be told, I don’t enjoy writing as much as I enjoy coding and designing. And by having a blog, I felt the necessity to write a medium to long blog-tutorial-format every single time I wanted to share some code, design thought, or something random I found in the internet. By switching from a Blog to an Article structure, I will try to write more frequently, so everyone wins :)


The main thing that attracted me to Frog CMS was its bare bones nature. Frog is a “simple and elegant CMS” but it also has the potential to be a great building block for a more personalized CMS; something that WordPress, in my opinion, does not.

So, What's Next

The first thing on my list is to fix any problems that may arise from moving the old WordPress blog over to Once that is done, I will move over to this side of the web and tweak any problems that the redesign might have brought with it. Finally, I will be looking in to adding some features and changing things around here. Please let me know if you find anything broken around here, I kind of rushed to the release of this new version of my site :)